Why to use Erasustain

1. Free Technology : Utilise our platform at no cost to enhance your fundraising efforts.

2. Independence : Reduce reliance on corporate donors with a self sustaining fundraising model.

3. Ease of Funding : Simplify your fundraising operations, allowing you to focus more on your mission. Volunteers.

4. Pool of Volunteers : Tap into India’s vast smartphone user base to recruit volunteers easily.

5. Sustainable Funding : Receive reliable monthly payments based on volunteer activity, ensuring consistent funding.

6. Additional Features : Access a digital catalogue, celebrity ambassador partnerships, and more to boost your visibility and impact.

7. Global Wellbeing : Join our commitment to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to global efforts for a better future.

8. Scalability : As your NGO grows, easily scale your outreach and fundraising efforts through our adaptable platform, ensuring you can expand your impact without additional costs.

9. Training and Support : Benefit from ongoing training and dedicated support from our expert team, designed to help you maximise the effectiveness of the platform.

10. Security and Compliance : Ensure the safety of your data and that of your donors with our platform’s robust security practices and compliance with international standards.