What is Erasustain

We pay the NGO for every volunteer they bring on the app

It's a simple way for NGOs to amplify their funding by involving people who want to support their cause

Basically, more volunteers equates to more donations for the NGO

How to use Erasustain ?

Register as a social partner on the app

Get Volunteers on the app, who need to have their notifications enabled for the app

Get paid monthly based on the number of volunteers on the platform, even if they don’t use the app

Why to use Erasustain

1. Free Technology : Utilise our platform at no cost to enhance your fundraising efforts.

2. Independence : Reduce reliance on corporate donors with a self sustaining fundraising model.

3. Ease of Funding : Simplify your fundraising operations, allowing you to focus more on your mission. Volunteers.

4. Security and Compliance : Ensure the safety of your data and that of your donors with our platform’s robust security practices and compliance with international standards.

Current Social Partner

How to become a social partner

1. Fill the application form

2. Intro meeting

3. Screening round

4.Mail from trustee

5. Profile Creation

6. KYC Submission

7. Creation of first campaign

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Contact Us


+91 77100-87684




508, 5th floor,
Samarth Vaibhav, Opp Third Wave Cafe,
Mumbai, Andheri West, Mumbai,
Maharashtra 400053

Our Investors

We are proud to be recipients of the Central Government's
Startup Seed Fund, an endorsement that fuels our mission.

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Supported by JITO, our initiatives are empowered by this
committed and visionary organisation.

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