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Engage with causes you are passionate about to make a real difference. Every action here creates an Impact.

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Contribute funds to trustworthy NGOs. Explore their active campaigns and work, ensuring meaningful genuine donations.

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Broaden your understanding of lesser-known causes and Public Welfare schemes and initiatives, enabling you to contribute knowledgeably and meaningfully.

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Volunteer for causes close to your heart, and earn a certificate that enhances your prospects, offering not just a credential but also motivation from supporting meaningful causes.

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Inspire others to support causes you're passionate about. Dedicated efforts are recognised on NGO profiles, highlighting your role as a Top volunteer.

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Browse through the list of NGOs and causes, Choose the one that resonates with you or aligns with your passion for making a difference.

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(Our USP), Simply keep the app installed to make a difference, without any active efforts. For those looking to do more, options to volunteer, donate, or spread the word are just a tap away.




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The Highest Form of Love

Inspired by the idea that giving is the truest form of love and humanity, we built this platform from the threads of compassion. Our Vision is to turn hope into real help, bringing everyone together to create a kinder, happier world.

About Us

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Come join thousands of other people to help those in need

Help Mas kurir Buy A Bike

By Mas Kurir

Help Mas kurir Buy A Bike

By Mas Kurir

Help Mas kurir Buy A Bike

By Mas Kurir


Unselfish Love
Empowering Lives

Through the grace of giving, we light the dark, becoming a guiding light of hope with our charity. Together, YOU and US can turn THEIR hope into reality.

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Each donation meets strict legal standards for charity, ensuring it transforms lives and communities.

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Bring together people who care about a cause

15 Feb, 2020

Together people who care about a cause

10 Feb, 2020

People who care about
a cause

7 Feb, 2020

Giving help to those
who need it

Everyone deserves a basic dignified life, and this simple act of kindness is the least we can do for humanity.

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